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Wednesday, February 1st @ 7:00 pm (Central)

Defend Dignity knows that you and the families you serve have questions about how to help children and youth stay safer online. It is a world of apps, algorithms and influencers. How do we help young people sort out who they are, as designed by God, in all of this noise?

On February 1, 2023, we invite you to join Defend Dignity, along with Chris McKenna, Founder of Protect Young Eyes, to find out how we can help children be Connected and Protected.

This engaging presentation will be aimed at parents, children’s ministry workers, and others who interact with children. We would appreciate it if you could spread the word about this learning opportunity with your staff, volunteers, parents, and others in your church. We will inform, inspire and equip you and those in your church.

Everyone who registers will receive a recording of the presentation!

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Technology can be useful and powerful. But it’s leaving our young people confused as we’ve allowed influencers and algorithms to answer their deepest questions.

How do we better prepare young people for their experiences in the online world?

As parents, group leaders or children’s workers, we have constant questions about how kids are interacting with digital spaces and the impact they are having on them.

This session will use current research to show the powerful interaction between insane technology and vulnerable, developing brains. Led by Chris McKenna*, founder of Protect Young Eyes, we will discuss the challenges our kids are contending with in online spaces the erosion of their attention spans, sense of identity, and resistance to sexual exploitation.

How do we better prepare them? We will answer this question with practical solutions that come from having delivered over 1500 presentations at schools, churches, and non-profits all over the world, so that you and the families you serve might feel prepared, balanced, and protected online.
Bring your questions and your great ideas!


Chris McKenna
Founder and CEO
Protect Young Eyes
Recipient of the Dignity Defense Award

Chris founded Protect Young Eyes while watching technology enter the lives of tweens and teens as the leader of a large student ministry. Time in ministry was preceded by a 12-year consulting career with Ernst & Young. These experiences shaped Chris’ desire to educate and advocate for families afraid of what can happen to their children online.
His 2019 US Senate Judiciary Committee testimony was the catalyst for federal and online child protection laws and earned PYE the Dignity Defense Alert Award in 2020. He now serves as a technical expert to some of the world’s largest tech companies, as they tap Chris’ deep parental control knowledge and daily interactions with families. Books authored by Chris for families and churches include Parenting the Internet Generation, Exposed: Breaking the Silence of Porn (for teens), and Ready: How to Heal and Protect Your Ministry from Pornography.
The PYE team performs hundreds of presentations at schools, churches, and non-profits, receives over a million visits to their popular website annually, and was featured in the Childhood 2.0 movie. Chris is also the Digital Marketing Director at Covenant Eyes, is married to Andrea, enjoys family road trips, nature, running, and candy, and is father to four children.