Pressure reveals substance. Heat and pressure reveal what something is made and also transforms it into something different. Think gold - heat purifies and makes it more valuable. The same is true for every man of God - we are tested and that testing reveals what we really believe and if we will really believe it. Don't run! Pass the test. Bring glory to God.

Recently I have been watching a video series From Kenny Luck from Everyman Ministries.

This video series talks about the trials and stresses we all come across as we live our lives, From Job loss, to paying our bills, to finding out someone we know close to us has cancer. How do we as christian men (and woman) cope with this along with our faith.

I highly encourage you to take some time and listen to Kenny share from God's Word about the pressures in our lives. Listen while putzing around the house or garage, I think it will touch home.

Pastor Larry