Prayer Ministries involves private, group and public prayer lifting up Christ as the Lord who knows our needs. 

What is prayer?

Most simply, it is talking to God. For many folks it primarily means asking God for help. As one popular writer has noted, the most popular prayers are “help me, help me, help me” and “thank you, thank you, thank you.”

This is definitely a great starting point and even a regular part of our daily prayer conversation with God, but prayer goes beyond only asking for help and then saying “thank you” when God comes through. Instead, prayer, like God, “is a great deep” (Psalm 92:5).

Prayer is a journey into the wide open spaces of faith and discipleship. At Leduc Alliance Church, we want to continue the “help me” prayers and to have a robust practice of saying “thank you” as we see prayers answered, but we also long to walk into this deeper and more profound journey of prayer. We find it exciting to know that right now, in this moment, we can take another step, go a bit deeper in, and lean more intentionally into the presence and reality of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit through prayer.

Prayer Request

If you, or someone you know are experiencing a “help me” moment or just need to know that friends and fellow Christ followers are praying for you today, please leave a request for the Partners in Prayer team.