Hello Trainers!

T4T or "Training for Trainers" is discipleship training designed to help empower followers to become fully developed followers of Christ "who make disciples who make disciples".  This practice has been used to develop obedient followers of Christ who are able to witness and share the Gospel and train others to become obedient followers of Christ and train others to do likewise.

Developed by Pastor Ying Kai, inspired by God, this method established over 158,993 churches in less than 10 years!  Not to mention 1,738,143 baptisms!  As Pastor Kai has written, "firestorms" result when people are obedient to follow Jesus and fish for men!

Below you will find the documents needed to run your get togethers.  We also provided Youtube links to the "Three Circles" gospel presentation for you to view, remember and practice!  Encourage your group to visit those videos often.

The link to the T4T online manual has everything you need from lessons to how to run your meeting and what each 3rd is comprised of.  It will feel a bit awkward at first, but that is just getting used to using the tool and format.

The Onward-Journey doc. has a number of lessons in it to follow as well and is very user friendly...so check that out!

Check back often as we will put new stuff up weekly if not every other week.

Have a Great Day in the Kingdom!


Here is the order to follow with the studies:

Sesson 1 -  4 Questions -Sharing your Faith Story
Session 2 - The 3 Circles Gospel Presentation- God's Story

If someone says "Yes, I want to follow Jesus", start by giving them Lesson 1 right away (or send them an email of the lesson) and go over it with them ASAP.

When you are done together with Lesson 1 Assurance, then give them a lession 2.
Set a Meeting weekly. On thier Phone, set a day, time and location at the end of each lesson for the next and so on.

Session 3 - Lesson 1 - Assurance
Session 4 - Lesson 2 - Baptism
Session 5 - Lesson 3 - Prayer
Session 6 - Lesson 4 - Devotions
Session 7 - Lesson 5 - The Father - Heart Of God
Session 8 - Lesson 6 - The Holy Spirit -Our Helper/Comforter
Session 9 - Lesson 7 - Christ likeness - Sanctification
Session 10 - Lesson 8 - We are the Church 
Session 11 - Lesson 9 -  Inductive Bible Study - On Going Discipleship

Session 12 - Lesson 10 - The Great Commission
      Sesson 1 - 4 Questions - Sharing your Faith Story
      Session 2 - The 3 Circles Gospel Presentation - God's Story

By the time you have reached the end of these lessons,  You will have helped someone lay a firm foundation for thier walk with Jesus and begun the process of Making A Disciple that makes Disciples, that makes Disciples... .

Where you go with them from there is wide open.

Repeat with someone else!
God Bless