We have finished with Pastor Shannons series on Holy Sprirt 21.  Until June sometime we will be looking at a New series titled: The Kingdom of Heaven. The BE -Tudes. A series on the Sermon on the Mount: Beatitudes. Matt 5:1-13. 

Here is where you will find the weekly Leaders guides. They should be here by 4:30 each Sunday afternoon. Remember they are a guide for discussion. Getting the context is more important than finishing all the notes and questions. A deeper relationship with Jesus and each other is paramount.

Try to spend time in prayer and go over the notes ahead of time, as it will help you to greater depth and understanding to guide the discussions.

Please take time to click on and read the article http://www.leducalliance.org/ministries/community-small-group-ministry/pages/the-small-groups-facilitator   posted earlier to refresh your hearts with our mandate and role.

We are getting close to the years end finishing line. Now its important to finish well.

God Bless