We are a church that "Loves God, Loves People and Loves Well" 



Loving God, Loving People, Helping Others Do The Same 


As a Lighthouse, we are many candles, but One Light. We will build up one another to shine passionately for Jesus Christ, so that we beckon the whole world to surrender to Him before He returns.


Therefore, we shine for Christ in our entire church family, in Marriage and Family Life, in the Marketplace, and in Missions to the least reached and most vulnerable in our own community and in other specific places across the globe.



   Value Statements


Bible Knowledge

Learning the Bible’s message of God’s love, gaining skills in interpreting it and ultimately obeying it as God’s holy word equips us to build up one another in God’s truth and share our faith coherently.


Through authentic, Spirit-inspired worship, we celebrate God’s love, become motivated to love one another and inspired to share God’s love at home, in the marketplace and in the community.


Private, group and public prayer lifts up Christ as the Lord who knows our needs, is a means of building up one another by faith, and opens doors for us to share the gospel.


Intentionally cultivating a culture of care inspires and equips us to build up one another in Christ’s ministry with the result that we are a safe Lighthouse in which to learn, fail and mature.

Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

In view of God’s love, we identify our gifts and abilities, dedicating them to build up one another in Christ’s ministry with the result that we respect each one’s unique contribution to the brightness of the Lighthouse.


God’s love inspires and equips us to be credible witnesses while serving others in the home, the marketplace and in our varied roles in the community. 

Missionary Vision

God’s love also inspires us to take the gospel to other cultures and places around the world by supporting our cluster group’s missionaries and sending some from the Lighthouse.