A simple, effective, respectful, enjoyable and reproducible model of sharing the Gospel with Muslims, Hindus, Buddihists or anyone who has no assurance of their destiny after this life.

An adaptation of T4T training, developed by Mike Shipman, is a five step journey to witnessing well to Muslims and anyone who has questions about heaven and eternal salvation.

The step journey involves:

  • Get Connected - build rapport
  • Get to God - transition to spiritual matters
  • Get to Lostness - Establish common sin problem and inadequacy of human religious approaches
    • Is your sin debt paid off yet?
    • When will it be paid off?
    • On Judgment Day, will your sins be forgiven?
  • Get to the Gospel - Relate the First and Last Sacrifice Story
  • Get to a Decision - believe, open or not to the Gospel

Check it out and get ready to share the Gospel!

For further information you can connect to: http://themissionnetwork.org/

God Bless,

P. Shannon

Have a great day in the Kingdom!