T4T is training for disciples who want to make disciples.  Any 3 is specifically focused to share with Muslims, Hindus, Muslims or anyone who has a question about assurance of heaven, paradise, etc... You will find training materials to help you become a disciplemaker who makes disciple who make disciples. Starting with how to share the Gospel of Jesus with others and then to begin thier walk as a disciple who makes disciples ...

Here you can Find materails to help you Answer 4 Key Questions that help you Share Your Faith with Jesus to Others. Feel free to download and use them.

If you are just beginning the process, here is a good order to follow with the studies:

Sesson 1 -  4 Questions
Session 2 - The 3 Circles Gospel Presentation   


If someone says "Yes, I want to follow Jesus", start by giving them Lesson 1 right away (or send them an email of the lesson) and go over it with them ASAP.

When you are done together with Lesson 1 Assurance, then give them a lession 2. Set a Meeting  weekly. On thier Phone set a day, time and location at the end of each lesson for the next and so on.

Session 3 - Lesson 1 - Assurance
Session 4 - Lesson 2 - Baptism
Session 5 - Lesson 3 - Prayer
Session 6 - Lesson 4 - Devotions
Session 7 - Lesson 5 - The God Who Saved us
Session 8 - Lesson 6 - We are the church
Session 9 - Lesson 7 - Spreading the gospel
                (You can inject sessions 1 & 2 here if you would like to teach/learn
                  how to share thier Story and the 3 circles presentation)

Session10 - Lesson 8 -  inductive bible study - On Going Discipleship

By the time you have reached the end of these lessons,  You will have helped someone lay a firm foundation for thier walk with Jesus.

Where you go with them from there is wide open.

If you need assistance contact Pastor Shannon or Pastor Larry. We would be glad to coach you further.

Any 3 training material is found on the page link to the left of this text.

If you are new to your walk with Jesus and would like to go through these lessons for the first time, with someone because you want to grow in Faith and foundation with Jesus, Call and we would be honored to meet with you. P. Shannon , P. Larry

Link to T4TOnline website: http://t4tonline.org/resources/